What did it cost?

Today someone asked me how much the whole cluster had cost me. As this might be of interest to more of you I decided to make this post.

Raspberry Pi cluster costs

As you can see you can build yourself a whole cluster for less than the price of a cheap laptop 🙂




3 thoughts on “What did it cost?

  1. Great job, buddy!
    You followed the right tutorial, and now you are rocking!!!
    You have done a fabulous job with the custom wood casing!
    Although, I think that you could have got some of the parts cheaper, like the raspberry pi should have costed you $35… Here in London, if you look thoroughly on Amazon, you could get the power lead and Ethernet cable for less than £1 for a pack of about 5. I do think you have been ripped of with the price at some components.
    What are u using the cluster for?
    You could turn it into a web server. Use the Makezine tutorial that u followed to build this, and also follow this tutorial to set up a load balancer if u wanna make a web server – http://raspberrywebserver.com/raspberrypicluster/raspberry-pi-cluster.html

    Have fun!


    • I know that some of the parts might be cheaper on Amazon… But in the Netherlands, those were the best prices I could get. Besides that, my employer has been so kind to refund me the costs as I am using it as an Hadoop cluster for a Big Data training I am doing.


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