Programming the display

After my milling machine died on me, I had a go at hooking up my display and writing some code. As I am not very good at this (remember, one of the reasons to build the cluster is to practice my programming skills) I leaned heavily on code I found online. Good resources for this are:

Combining the descriptions in the above links I was able to hook up my Pi with the display. The only difference from the Adventures book (written for the old Pi with 26 pen GPIO) to get it working was to connect display pin 13 to GPIO pin 21 instead of pin 27.

My first attempts at configuring the display
My first attempts at configuring the display

After that I modified some of the Python code found at the linked sites and…. YES it works! Now I only have to get it nicely integrated in my wooden base… Of course I will not tolerate so many wires in plain sight so I will probably go for a backpack behind the display to reduce the number of wires to only 4.